Dividends Drive Auto Dealers to Focus on Safety

Texas Mutual Insurance Company

Texas Mutual Insurance Company announced a $985,520 dividend to the Lone Star Auto Dealers Association (LSA) workers’ compensation purchasing group today. The group has earned six consecutive dividends totaling more than $2.2 million.Because dividends are based largely on the group’s overall loss ratio, members have an incentive to focus on safety. For San Antonio-based Kahlig Enterprises Inc., the process starts during the job interview.

“We feel like you hire your problems,” said David Hoyer, Kahlig Enterprises Inc. controller. “A thorough hiring process is crucial. If you hire responsible people who take ownership of their decisions, you’re going to do well from a production and safety standpoint.”
That philosophy has helped Kahlig earn about 31 percent of its premium back in dividends since 2004. Like many LSA members, Kahlig has qualified for group and individual dividends. Individual dividends are based on each policyholder’s personal loss ratio.
To help members improve their safety record, LSA provides an industry-specific safety plan. Members also have access to interactive safety tools at www.texasmutual.com. For more information about LSA, visit www.texasmutual.com or www.lonestarautodealers.com.

Texas Mutual Insurance Company notes that past dividends are not a guarantee of future dividends, and TDI must approve all dividends.

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