Texas Mutual Expands Lone Star Auto Dealers Group


Texas Mutual Expands Lone Star Auto Dealers Group Coverage Program

Texas Mutual Insurance Company has expanded its Lone Star Auto Dealers (LSA) workers’ compensation purchasing group. The group is now open to franchised motorcycle, RV and boat dealerships as well as franchised auto and truck dealerships.

Texas law allows employers in similar industries to reduce their workers’ comp premiums by purchasing their coverage as a group. Texas Mutual Insurance Company underwrites the LSA group, and the Wicker-Parker Insurance Agency administers it. LSA is an open group, which means any agent can submit a qualifying client for membership. The classification codes for group membership are 8391 and 8748.

Group members get a premium discount based on the group’s premium volume, have access to an industry-specific safety plan, and may participate in the Texas Mutual® individual and group dividend programs. Eligible members can also earn an annual network premium discount by participating in the Texas Star NetworkSM, a workers’ comp health care network option offered by Texas Mutual Insurance Company.

Texas Mutual Insurance Company notes that past dividends are not a guarantee of future dividends, and the Texas Department of Insurance must approve all dividends.

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