Who Qualifies?

You must be a franchised Auto, Truck, RV, Boat or Motorcycle dealership to join.

When you join the Lone Star Auto Dealers Workers’ Compensation Safety Group, you gain the strength and the purchasing clout usually only available to big companies. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy:

  • Premium Discounts, flexible payment plans and the potential to earn dividends
  • Safety consultations and loss prevention services, including on-site safety surveys , regular loss runs that help you analyze and correct loss trends, an extensive safety library and seminars on workplace safety and return-to-work programs.
  • A zero-tolerance policy for fraud that includes investigations of all reports of suspected fraud, coordination with prosecutors statewide to seek convictions and a highly successful track record of convictions and financial restitution.
  • Prompt, effective claims management that gets the right care for your injured workers, while medical cost specialists carefully analyze medical bills to avoid overpayment.
  • Local agency representation.
  • There is No Charge for any dealership to participate in the LSADA group.

Program Overview/Agent

At LSADA we work with your current agent to assist them in providing you with the best coverage available at the most competitive price. Therefore, they are able to offer you a superior program for workers compensation coverage. Any licensed agent can place a qualifying client into the LSADA Group with underwriting approval. Agents play a key role in forming and growing insurance safety groups.

If you do not currently have an independent agent, you may contact us directly.
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LSADA Group is available to Franchised Auto, Truck, RV, Boat and Motorcycle Dealerships with the following governing class codes:

Auto Sales & Service 8391
Auto Salesperson 8748
Executive Officers 8809
Clerical Office Employees 8810

Member/Group Benefits

Benefits Dealership Clients will receive:

    • 12.4% Group Premium Discount
    • Up to a 12.0% Optional healthcare network discount
    • Potential individual and group dividend plans
    • Superior claim and loss prevention services
    • Online access to safety resource material
    • Year round training seminars
    • Zero-tolerance for fraud program
    • Unparalleled safety consultations services
    • Monthly online payroll interim reporting, accidents & fraud
    • Make payments online
    • Watch videos and access other material in the safety resource center
    • Local agency representation
    • Free Policyholder Workshops
    • On-site job safety inspections
    • Loss trend analysis

  • Safety incentive program
  • Expert customer service and attention to detail
  • Safety recognition programs
  • Consistent competitive rates for workers’ comp insurance
  • Download forms, brochures and posters online
  • Right doctor for the injury
  • Find a network pharmacy
  • Return to work program
  • Case management program
  • OSHA-related consulting services
  • Review claim detail and reserves
  • Sign up to receive alerts about changes to existing claims
  • Create multiple-year loss run reports online
  • Timesaving online tools
  • Review dividend history