Texas Mutual Sent $330 Million to Business who worked hard at working safe during 2020


This year, Texas Mutual sent $330 million to businesses who worked hard at working safe during the unprecedented challenges of 2020. It’s our 23rd consecutive year of distributing dividends, a tribute to the resilience of our policyholders and our united commitment to getting Texas workers home safe every day.

Since 1999, we’ve paid out more than $3.4 billion to safe businesses across the state. Our dividend program boosts the Texas economy and helps policyholders in numerous ways.

  • It’s money you can use to grow your business, buy safety equipment, reward your people or for any other purpose.
  • It gives back a portion of your premium, lowering the cost of workers’ comp.
  • It provides a tangible incentive to work safe, which prevents accidents, improves productivity and saves you money.

The COVID-19 crisis and subsequent lockdown made 2020 a historically difficult year for employers, but Texas Mutual was there with information and resources to help businesses stay ready and get back to work safely. We’re proud of the way our policyholders responded, upgrading facilities, changing practices and implementing new procedures to protect their employees and customers.

The 2021 dividend is our way of rewarding those efforts and investing in a bright future for Texas.

At Texas Mutual, we’re changing the way workers’ comp works for you. To learn more about how policyholders can earn dividends, visit our dividends page.


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