Safety Resource Center

Give your safety program some real Horsepower!

At Lone Star Auto Dealers Association we put safety first. Whether its client alert forms from OSHA or our return towork program, policy holder workshops, safety training or the latest news and innovations, safety is one our most important aspects. To find out more about safety programs and how it affects your business browse the extensive safety resource center library here.

In business, time is money. LSADA is committed to helping policyholders streamline their business. LSADA and Texas Mutual online services make it easy and convenient to:

  • Report Injuries, fraud and interim payroll.
  • Print custom loss run reports in PDF.
  • Claim history by location, class code, body part, nature or cause of injury.
  • Review claim detail.
  • Submit DWC-3 Employer’s Wage Statements.
  • Get information about our workers’ comp health care network.
  • Get free safety training material, to find and correct the causes of accidents.
  • Launch a return-to-work program.
  • Find a network pharmacy or doctor.
  • Learn employer’s rights and responsibilities in the workers’ compensation system.

By combining the unique experience of each of our leaders with a talented, motivated staff, Lone Star Auto Dealers Association offers the deepest, most comprehensive service to our clients.



Insurance Companies Represented:

Texas Mutual Workers' Compensation Insurance. Work Safe, Texas.

Texas Mutual Insurance Company
6210 E Highway 290
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Texas Mutual is a leading writer of safety group programs in Texas. Industry leaders in accident prevention, fraud conviction & medical cost management. If you would like additional information please visit: