Texas Mutual Board of Directors Approved $330 Million in Policyholder Dividends




In May, the Texas Mutual board of directors voted unanimously for the 2022 dividend payout. This June,
Texas Mutual will be distributing $330 million in dividends to its qualifying policyholders. For more than 20 years, our dividend program has played a fundamental role in our work toward building a stronger, safer Texas. This year, we’re proud to be able to reward our policyholders for their dedication to maintaining safe work environments and trusting us to protect their businesses.

We have distributed dividends for 24 consecutive years, bringing the payout total to over $3.7 billion. We choose year after year to reward qualifying policyholders who contribute toward keeping employees safe and losses low. When an employer purchases a policy at Texas Mutual, they are not just buying financial security for themselves and their employees. They’re also becoming owners of Texas Mutual.

As a policyholder, you can improve your chance of qualifying for a dividend by prioritizing safety and putting a return to work program in place. We are here to help.


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