Dealer Services

As a Dealership, one of your most important concerns should be protecting the health and safety of your employees.

At Lone Star Auto Dealers, safety is ingrained into everything we do. We were formed to meet the needs of the franchised dealer industry, which means we understand the challenges you face at work every day. In addition to offering our members excellent rates and customer service, Lone Star Auto Dealers provides access to a wide variety of safety and training programs designed to make your worksites safer.

Our commitment to safety pays you dividends.




Over the past fifteen years, by protecting workers and managing losses, Lone Star Auto Dealers safety group members have earned dividends totaling more than 9.7 million. Lone Star Auto Dealers members earned $4,923,383 in 2019 alone in individual and group dividends. While future dividends can’t be guaranteed, the focus will stay in maintaining the high level of performance that is rewarded by policyholder dividends. Texas Mutual’s philosophy is to share the company success with loyal policyholders whose commitment to safety helps us control premiums. Lone Star Auto Dealers Association is proud that we have helped our safety group members save money with premium discounts and dividends while keeping their workers safe.